William and Carol

Judi and Patrick; Stevie and Lissa

Jim and Helen; Doug and Beth

Family Tree/Old Orchard


Jim and Helen - Doug and Beth
Jim and Helen tripping the light fantastic
Doug and Beth on their wedding day
James Brooks
Jim Brooks in 2005, toasting at Doug and Beth's first wedding at Judi and Patrick's house



Jim and Helen at Judi and Patrick's wedding. Steve looking on.
Kirstie, Helen, Jim and Jessie in December 2006
Kirstie (June 2005)
Jessie with arms akimbo (December 2006)
Jim with Lance Armstrong (2006)
Jessie doing cheer before dinner (September 2006)
Jessie standing somewhere in her house (September 2006)
Kirstie dribbling upfield in her JV game, though she could be going downfield, who knows, her head is down (2006)
Douglas Brooks
Doug Brooks growing weary of babysitting in Disney World in February of 2005


November 2005, the second wedding
Beth getting ready for wedding #2
Beth sitting in front of Brook's of Kauai's storefront window in Kauai on Beth and Doug's honeymoon (December, 2005)
Jim, Doug and Steve and 2005 wedding
Doug with Ambi on his right and Duane on his left at Doug's 2005 wedding
Doug with Steve and Eiler at Doug's 2005 wedding in New Jersey
Beth and Doug at "the log", a pub in Williamstown, Massachusets, during the Williams College homecoming weekend in November, 2006
Doug Brooks Doug Brooks Doug Brooks Douglas Brooks Douglas Brooks
Doug at about 6 years of age. His hairstyle never changes much.
Doug Brooks Doug Brooks Douglas Brooks Douglas Brooks
Doug played youth hockey with the Natick Comets. This picture is from the Comet's Bantam 'A' team in 1981-1982.
Doug Brooks Wayland Highschool soccer team
Doug and mom after Doug's Wayland high soccer team had just beaten BC High 2-0 (1985)
Doug and Jim at grand opening of Relax The Back Store in Greenwich, CT (1996)
Doug Brooks Doug Brooks Douglas Brooks Douglas Brooks
Doug's highschool yearbook picture
Doug Brooks Doug Brooks Douglas Brooks Douglas Brooks
Doug stands in the courtroom in Brooklyn, New York, where he got sworn in to practice law in the State of New York (October 2005). This was a bittersweet moment for Doug, who wished he could have called Judi on the phone to share the news.
Doug between mom and dad. Aunt Arlene (mom's sister) in foreground. Judi and Daniel in background. Picture taken approximately 1999 in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Dougie with Jessie, Leah and Daniel in Maine (circa Summer 1999)
Lukey and Dougie and Beth at Beth's birthday in Massachusetts. Judi at the kitchen sink in the background. (April 2005)